Video on DEMAND : Unpack your emotional baggage


More than 300 million people struggle with depression & anxiety on a global level – and women are generally more affected than men.

2 out of 3 women believe it's completely normal to live day to day life feeling blue without a reason.

More than HALF of the people that struggle with feeling blue for no reason WON'T ask for help because they don't feel comfortable talking about it.


If you’ve ever…

👉 Struggled to forgive yourself for feeling angry or sad - or any other unpleasant emotions

👉 Underestimated yourself and your own abilities & failed to believe in your own self-worth

👉 Judged yourself for all the times you overreacted but you didn’t know why

👉 Lacked the coping mechanisms to process your emotions

👉 Felt that there’s so much more to life but you just don’t know where to start…

Well, then this course is for you.


Would you rather lose your sanity feeling undecided, anxious, empty and unmotivated about your emotions or would you like to learn heal yourself while going through it?*

Would you rather have another day, year, month figuring stuff out about life or would you rather have a step by step video showing you exactly how to figure it out together?

Lesson one: Understanding your emotional baggage

-Introduction to the human brain
-What does our brain have to do with emotional baggage?
-Why do we get emotionally charged?

Lesson 2 : The meaning of emotions

-Discover the triggers behind your actions
-What is the first, second and third brain?
-Are your memories keeping you in the past?

Lesson 3: Spot your emotional baggage
-Are you stuck in a toxic mindset?
- Spot your emotional baggage
- Core beliefs and values shape your reality
- What are negative thinking traps?

Lesson 4: Self-care and healing strategies

- Change old patterns of feelings
- Build resilience from a future crisis
- Prepare for future obstacles

Yes, you can be motivated to heal yourself even if you feel like giving up.

Don’t delay your chance to experience emotional release
any further than today!

I’m not asking you to believe in me.

I’m going to repeatedly ask you to believe in yourself.

I know you can do it.

But do you?

  • Imagine how your life will change after feeling understood, loved, and connected night after night before you go to bed because you finish lesson one.

  • Imagine how your life will change when you have the energy to feel happiness because your emotional baggage no longer sucks the joy out of you.

Don't miss this chance to soothe your emotional baggage in less time than it takes you to learn how to ride a bike!