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How to stop ruminating thoughts

Rumination isn’t the same as worrying. 

Worrying focuses more on the what ifs -  where rumination is fixated on what has already been.  

Rumination stems from the brain’s desire to keep you busy - and it plays on your desire to change the impossible. Your brain likes to keep busy and likes to solve problems, even if those problems are well - in the past. 

Those prone to negative thinking are easy targets for ruminating thoughts - and that’s what makes rumination so difficult to deal with.

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Video on DEMAND : Unpack your emotional baggage

More than 300 million people struggle with depression & anxiety on a global level – and women are generally more affected than men.

2 out of 3 women believe it's completely normal to live day to day life feeling blue without a reason.

More than HALF of the people that struggle with feeling blue for no reason WON'T ask for help because they don't feel comfortable talking about it.

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