How to give your body exactly what it needs

Is food causing you stress?

Let me explain.

There’s a certain frenzy with healthy eating around the globe. You eat “good food” – you feel good. You eat “bad food” – you feel bad.

That’s what we’ve been taught.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely NOT encouraging you to live on fast food alone.

But I have noticed just how big of a toll this seemingly “healthy” eating is taking on young women – especially on the relationships they have with their bodies. Hating what you see in the mirror is not healthy in my book.

And I want to help you overcome that. I want you to learn how to trust your body again – and learn how to trust yourself around food again.

The solution?

It’s called intuitive eating – and it’s one of the best ways to give your body what it needs.

Follow with me here to learn what’s intuitive eating and how you can start practicing intuitive eating to improve your overall relationship with food!

What’s intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is the art of knowing how to listen to your body and give it exactly everything it needs. There are no strict guidelines banning any types of food – nor pre-set meal times.

The only rule? Listen to your body – it’ll tell you what to do.

Your body talks to you daily – you just have to learn how to listen. Think about it this way.

You’re combining the power of your natural instinct and your intuition with everything you know about foods so far.

I know what you’re thinking now.

Why are you telling us this, Bernadette? How’s that connected with spirituality?

The reason is simple.

I see so many beautiful young ladies starving themselves to meet ridiculous beauty standards. Young women struggling to accept what they see in the mirror.

I want to change that for you. I want you to stop being scared of food. I want you to mend your relationship with food.

And you can do all of that with the power of your intuition.

Here’s how you can start practicing intuitive eating.

1) Get back in touch with yourself – literally!

When was the last time you touched your body – without having to apply lotion, put clothes on or shave in the shower?

If you don’t remember, it’s time to change something. Get back in touch with your own body – literally!

Honor yourself. Show your body just how much you love it. Seduce yourself in the mirror if needed! Move your fingers across your skin – see, that’s you! You’re alive!

Work on yourself. Meditate – and all of that will sharpen your intuition.

The more in touch you are with yourself, the easier it’ll be for you to practice intuitive eating

2) Make peace with food

Raise your hand – or leave me a comment, lol! – if you’re feeling guilty for eating specific foods your mind has labeled as bad. Think chocolate, ice cream, cookies – but also, even random foods like bread and potatoes.

Remember this: there are no good foods or bad foods.

True, some foods are more nutritious than others but no food should cause you to feel bad. No food should have that much power over you.

Carbs aren’t always the enemy here – nor are proteins always your best friends. Think of it as only food – you have the last say in how much you let it control you.

3) Fill the void

I’ll be the first one to say it – sometimes, I eat because I’m sad. Or angry. Or disappointed. Or bored! *yikes!*

Oh, yes – I’m very much human, just like yourself. But if you’re really want to master intuitive eating, you have to find ways to fill the void.

Don’t eat to satisfy an emotional hunger. See what’s missing and then, give yourself exactly that.

Trust me, you’re more than capable of providing yourself with everything that you need. You just need to trust yourself enough!

4) Ask intuition for guidance

Okay, so here’s a witchy-woo alert for you guys! When I first read this in a book about intuitive eating, my first reaction was W-H-AAA-T!?

Then I decided I had nothing to lose so I gave it a try – and somehow, it always seems to work for me!

Each time you’re having the to-eat-or-not-to-eat dilemma, hold that food in your hand. If you can’t hold it, visualize yourself holding it.

Then close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself – what do I get from this food? Is this good for me – is this good for my body? Do I really want to eat this?

Let your gut talk back. What is your intuition saying? What’s your body saying?

Be honest with yourself – and you’ll make the right decision.

5) Practice mindful eating

Mindful eating goes hand in hand with intuitive eating.

Re-learn what it feels like to eat without doing anything else. Turn off your phone. Don’t Netflix your way through dinner.

Instead, focus on the food instead. Chew slowly. With each bite, seek for texture and that burst of flavor all over your palate.

6) Predict the I-am-full signal!

This has been one of the most uncomfortable childhood memories. I had to finish everything on my plate – EVERYTHING! – or I wasn’t allowed to get up.

And then I wondered why it took me a while to master intuitive eating, huh?

Eating until there’s no food on your plate is the farthest away from intuitive eating as it gets. Instead of wiping each plate clean, look to notice the I-am-full signal your body sends you.

Trust me, it’s there – sometimes, in the middle of your meal!

Oh, and remember:

Intuitive eating is much more than just eating until you’re full. It’s about eating foods that nurture the mind and the soul.

What makes your body feels good? What leaves you energized? What makes you come alive?

There – those are the foods you need to provide your body with.

Do you struggle with binge-eating when stressed out? Have you given intuitive eating a try?

How do you learn to listen to what your body has to say? Drop me a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

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