Can you ALWAYS be happy?

Is it possible to always be happy?

Can you really love your life – every single day? How do you avoid the rough times?

Believe me when I say, I used to have the exact same doubts.

And to me, NOT feeling happy about something felt like the end of the world. I kept wondering – why can’t I be happy like everyone else?

It took me a while to realize that people aren’t really always happy. Sometimes, some of them pretend to be. And the really brave ones have the guts to admit when they aren’t!

So if you’re ever feeling guilty for having a bad day – or two! – then this blog post is for you.

Read on to find out why you can’t always be happy and what you can do to deal with the unrealistic expectations society puts upon us!

Why can’t we ALWAYS be happy?

Expecting to ALWAYS be happy is impossible.

Just look at your body if you don’t believe me.

You know those monitors that show heartbeats? Yup, the ones doctors use.

Well, you’ve probably noticed by now what it looks like when your heart is beating – up & downs, up & down. That means you’re alive and well. And you all know what happens if the line goes flat, right?

Ups & downs are just another part of life – that’s how you know you’re alive and kicking.

Sure, some people have it better than others but trust me – no one has it all.

Still trying to deal with all of those unrealistic expectations?

Here are some tips I practice myself whenever I need reminding that you CANNOT always be happy!

1. Accept negativity as part of life

Bad emotions aren’t really the complete opposite of good ones. We’ve just been led to believe so – that there are “good” emotions and “bad” emotions.

Sure, some emotions make you feel good and some make you feel bad – but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. They’re simply emotions you have to process – and move on.

Give yourself permission to feel – even if it means feeling bad. Feeling depressed for a day doesn’t mean your whole life is ruined. Happiness isn’t a destination really – it’s a life-long journey.

And every single journey you take has some ups and downs along the way, right?

2. Learn how to process emotions

Do you let yourself be sad?

Not letting yourself feel bad doesn’t mean you’re not letting negativity get to you. It means you’re suppressing everything deep into your subconscious, where it does even more damage!

Get negative emotions out of your system.

Everyone has a different way of dealing with negativity. Find yours.

Some people like to journal their feelings. Others love a good workout – and some love crying. I feel like often we do injustice to crying – crying is not BAD! Think of it as just another way to process emotions!

3. Master the art of letting go

Do you get upset if someone says or does something?

Darling, don’t give that much power to other people. Your inner peace is only yours.

Don’t let the opinion of others hold you hostage. You don’t have to meet any expectations. Forget all of the coulda, woulda, shoulda. Nothing good comes out of it anyway.

Forgive others. Their actions and opinions talk more about them – not about you. Forgive yourself for getting upset and love yourself – always, unconditionally.

4. Don’t believe everything you see online

Raise your hand if you’ve ever closed a social media app feeling anxious! *raises hand in the air!*

That perfect world you’re served online daily… yeah, that world doesn’t exist. Not everything you see online is real. Actually, most of it is just staged to trigger an emotional response in you.

Spend life in the real world, away from social media apps. Go on and get some sun & fresh air in the park – I promise you, it’ll do you more good than spending your lunch break on Facebook!

5. Do more of the things you love

How often do you do something simply because you love that? I’ll be the first one to admit – not often enough.

I came upon this realization while writing my to-do list. I was shocked to realize I didn’t want to do any of those things – and yet I’ve dedicated hours of my day to them!

So here’s a big challenge for you. I challenge you to make a want-to-do list – and then start ticking things off there. Have some fun. You’re allowed to do anything you want.

Wanna nap? Sure! Do you want to do some more baking? Be my guest! Want to spend the afternoon binge-watching Netflix? Go for it!

And while doing everything you love, you’ll realize you’re already on the happiness highway!

How do you deal with the constant pressure to be happy? Do you take some time to unplug?

Share with me in the comments and let me know!

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