What to do when feeling stuck in a rut?

We’ve all been there:

You keep running on the hamster wheel but getting nowhere. Crossing things off from your to-do list but achieving nothing. Looking for ways to make yourself feel better – but then doing nothing about it.

Sounds familiar? A basic Google search may say you’re depressed.

I say, you may be stuck in a rut.

A rut is not exactly depression but it sure feels like it. It’s like you suddenly lose the ability to be happy & excited about life.

But you don’t have to keep living in a blur. There are ways to deal with your feelings of being stuck in a rut – and I’m here to help you out!

So before you self-diagnose yourself with depression, check out what you can do to un-stuck yourself!

Ready to move on with your life?

Here’s what you can do whenever feeling stuck in a rut!

1. Become more aware of your thoughts

What you think is what you believe. Every now and then, your mind is playing tricks on

you – the more you think about how your life sucks, the worse you feel!

But here’s something no one told you about: you’re not your thoughts. You don’t have to believe every single thought that crosses your mind. Don’t let the ego convince you otherwise.

Get back the control over your thoughts. Become more aware of what’s going on in your head. Meditate – and clear up some room for the good thoughts to arrive.

And every single time a thought pops up telling you that you’re not worthy fight it back. Repeat to yourself: I am worthy. I am enough.

2. Let go of how you imagined things to be

You had this plan and things didn’t work out? That’s okay – not everything in life goes according to plan.

Don’t let the expectations you’ve set for yourself keep you stuck. If a plan or an idea or whatever else is not giving you the results you want to see, let it go. You’ll come up with a new one soon enough!

And then, shift the perspective. Always make some lemonade out of your lemons!

Drop the guilt and the blaming – you did your best. Focus your energy on the positive – what can you learn from that experience? How did you become a better person because of it?

3. Find ways to leave the comfort zone

The comfort zone isn’t as bad of a place as they make it be. You don’t have to cruise around the globe to have a meaningful life. But you have to admit – spend way too much time in there and oops, you’re in the rut again!

Now, I’m not saying that you should buy a ticket to the other side of the world in order to escape the comfort zone. All I’m saying is, don’t be scared to leave it from time to time!

Doing new stuff is energizing and fun – and it works wonders for healing the soul.

Do something out of the ordinary. Learn a new language. Find a new hobby. Travel someplace new. Join some dance classes in your area. Try out different things and see what works best!

4. Listen to your body & emotions

Your body always has your best interests at heart. I mean, after all, it is doing a pretty good job at keeping you alive, right?

More often than not, your body may be screaming to you where the problem is – you just have to learn how to listen.

Emotions are the best indicator as to why you’re feeling the way you’ve been feeling.

Don’t ignore any negative emotions. Let yourself feel. Once the feeling is gone, you’ll know where you need to head next.

Struggling to define what you’re feeling? Unplug from the Internet and head outside. You’ll get some much-needed clarity.

5. Set smaller goals – and work towards them!

You know how sometimes, your to-do list has so many checkpoints that you end up watching Netflix instead of getting stuff done?

Well… that’s one way to get yourself stuck in life.

Whenever facing a massive something – challenge, task, project, idea – your brain feels too overwhelmed. It’s the human thing to do – and I do the same.

You simply have no idea where to start because there are so many things that need to be done. And then what do you do? You do nothing!

To avoid that, break up your large goal into smaller goals. Don’t burden yourself. Next time you take on a large project, break it up. Make it easy on yourself – you’ll notice your motivation returning right away!

What do you do when feeling stuck in a rut? How have you un-stuck yourself before?

Share with me in the comments and let me know!

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