Turn Your Biggest Weaknesses into Strengths

We’d all agree on this one:

Emotional triggers can bring out the worst in you. Almost no one can resist acting on them. Then right before you know it, you’re in a really, really messy situation.

But what if I told you that there’s a way to handle your emotional triggers… differently?

What if you could handle your triggers with calmness and confidence – like never before?

What if there’s a way to turn your biggest weaknesses into your biggest strengths?

I didn’t think that’s possible until very recently. Let me show you how you can do that – and let go of the trauma that caused the trigger to appear in the first place.

Do you know how your body reacts to emotional triggers?

See, whenever you’re emotionally triggered, your body has a reaction. With little practice, you can learn to listen to your body – and sense whenever you’re emotionally triggered – before doing something you’ll regret.

Here’s how your body reacts whenever you’re emotionally triggered:

  • Your heartbeat speeds up – you can feel something’s happening in there

  • You start sweating without an apparent reason

  • You feel dizzy & lightheaded, as if you’re losing the ground beneath your feet

  • You get chills down your spine or hot flashes in your body – sometimes even both!

  • You have difficulties breathing and you feel like you’re choking

  • You start clenching your teeth & jaw – you feel tension in your head

  • You feel different emotions boiling in your stomach

Most of the time, the irrational behavior you’re so petrified of follows next. Think crying, kicking, screaming – and anything else that leaves you feeling embarrassed once the wave is over.

All of that doesn’t look like much fun, does it?

I know the feeling.

I used to be horribly anxious whenever I was supposed to talk about my abandonment issues – so naturally, I chose not to.

But the more I suppressed the thoughts, the stronger they’d reappear. I’d be triggered on the slightest sign that someone – anyone, really – I cared about wanted to do something that didn’t include me.

And then, I realized that the more I try to resist my issues, the worse it gets. So I let go – and started being more open about everything.

Now, I’m so comfortable talking about my abandonment issues that it feels like I’m talking about the weather. Seriously.

I’m confident in my worth – I know a guy won’t leave me or cheat on me if he spends a night out. Even if he does, it’s his loss! Nothing triggers me anymore. *well, most of the time anyway. I’m still human!*

Somehow, by working on the relationship with myself, I’ve managed to turn a disadvantage into a huge advantage!

You can do the same.

Here’s how to turn your biggest emotional weaknesses into your biggest strengths.

1) Be honest with yourself

There’s nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you have certain emotional weaknesses. You can be the smartest, prettiest girl in the world and still get your triggers pulled every now and then.

And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has them. But if you want to win over them, being honest with yourself is the first step.

Treat yourself like a best friend. Open up. It takes courage to be able to stand in front of a mirror and calmly say everything YOU have to say to YOU.

2) Be aware of what triggers you

Once you know your weak points, inspect what triggers you the most. Not every weaknesses you have gets triggered.

Find the ones that cause the strongest emotional response in you.

For example, do you get enraged each time you hear someone got a promotion – even when you know they’ve totally deserved it? Do you start getting hot flashes whenever you hear a guy talking about cheating on his girl?

THAT – you’re looking for signs like that. All of them may be strong emotional triggers you’ll want to keep an eye on.

3) Find out what’s lacking

Triggers are often nothing more but different emotional needs you have – but that aren’t being met. Alternatively, triggers get pulled if your brain thinks you’re in danger of losing something dear to you or whenever you remember a past trauma.

Think well – what do you need?

Do you want to be liked? Be in total control of a situation? Perhaps you crave love & attention from everyone?

It’s okay – you’re not guilty for wanting any of that. You’re not ungrateful. You’re simply human. And every human being on this planet has – more or less – the same emotional needs.

4) Give to yourself what you’re asking of others

By now, you know what’s lacking. It’s time to give yourself exactly what you need.

Are you lacking love and attention? Then learn how to cherish and love yourself in good times and in bad times! Do you think people will leave you? Be confident enough to let them go – and learn how to have fun on your own.

You won’t be able to turn off your emotional triggers until you satisfy the emotional cravings that caused them first.

5) Work on your self-esteem

This is the part where you turn your biggest weaknesses into your biggest strengths.

Yup, completely possible! The only way to do that is to build your self-esteem.

Detach yourself from the victim mindset. Your triggers don’t control you – you control them.

Start slow. Work on yourself and your self-development. Talk openly about everything that’s bothering you. Use humor if it helps. Don’t suppress anything – learn how to express your emotions in a way that benefits you, not harms you.

Oh, and do you know what’s the easiest way to build your self-esteem? Love yourself unconditionally. Triggers got nothing on you then!

How did you learn to turn off your emotional triggers? Which part was the hardest for you?

Leave me a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear from all of you!

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