Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

Is your body trying to tell you something?

Yeah, you read that right – your body is regularly talking to you. It’s your job to learn how to listen!

Mother Nature knew what she was doing. Human bodies are incredibly resilient – but also, incredibly smart.

Your very own body has ways of sending you signs in various forms apart from pain: sensations, and tensions but also things like tingling or numbness. Those are all signs that your body is trying to communicate with you.

Not every shoulder pain you experience means cancer – so don’t google to scare yourself to death. Sometimes, it means a lot of unprocessed emotions you may have even subconsciously chosen to ignore.

Bear with me here as we take a deeper look into what your body is trying to tell you and what you can do to respond better.

Here’s my experience:

I’ve had problems with my hips for as long as I can remember.

They just felt weird… tight. Numb – and even sore!

It didn’t matter that I spend hours on the yoga mat every week. It didn’t matter that I’ve always been an active young woman, taking very good care of myself.

Then I noticed that the worse I felt, the more my hips would hurt. Was this a ridiculous coincidence – or the answer to my problems?

At first, I brushed this off – it sounded ridiculous to me.

Why would an educated woman in the USA, in the 21st century, think that the condition of her hips has anything to do with her emotional state?

Then, as fate would have it, I stumbled upon this book: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma.

And then, it wasn’t so ridiculous anymore.

It all made sense.

Do you know what body memory is?

The body remembers – and it doesn’t only remember the physical injuries you’ve had. It also remembers all the emotional trauma you’ve been through. (the one that we all often choose to ignore)

Each symptom – and sometimes, disease or condition – you experience might be your very own body wisdom signaling you that it’s time for a major change.

I’ve been wise enough to learn how to listen.

Turns out that my hips problems are related to my ingrained sense of insecurity. The hips are where we store unprocessed stress and emotions – and everything else we don’t want to deal with in our conscious life.

My hips still sometimes hurt – with the only difference being that now, I know it’s time to step back, relax, and let whatever has been bothering me rise up to the surface.

Here’s what your body may be trying to tell you!

These are the most common sensations each of us has experienced at some point!

1) Headaches & migraines

Everyone gets a headache once in a while – and that’s nothing to worry about. But if you’re dealing with headaches and migraines that last for days and don’t go away no matter what you do, you might want to dig deep.

The forehead is where the intellect is placed. Think well – and answer yourself honestly.

Are you feeling trapped in your career? Discontent about your life choices? Maybe you feel like someone’s making a fool out of you? Don’t be scared of change – it’ll do you good.

Oh, and hear this – are you feeling specific tightness around brows and temples? You might have lost touch with your inner self and your intuition. Take some time off to meditate and nurture the connection you have with yourself.

2) Back, neck & shoulder problems

Had a strong emotional reaction to anything but didn’t say a word out loud? You might experience different sensations in your neck area. Practice being more vocal about your emotional needs and wants.

Shoulders feeling heavy? That’s where we carry our worries and sorrows – you may want to admit what’s been really bothering you lately. It’ll do you good, trust me.

If your back is killing you, you may struggle with stored anger and resentment. Learn how to forgive, both to others and to yourself. Nothing is worth your peace!

3) Chest tightness

The tightness in the chest is one of the most common signs your body is sending. That’s because a lot gets stored in the chest area.

Every relationship you’ve ever had – both with family & friends or lovers – leaves an impact that’s later on, felt there.

Any feelings of low self-esteem that haven’t been addressed properly or suppressed may arise in this area, as well as fear and anxiety.

The solution? Don’t base your worth on others. Learn to relax and go with the flow. Love yourself unconditionally – and love yourself enough, even when life doesn’t go according to plan.

4) Throat & mouth

Not letting the real emotions rise up to the surface? Your mouth and throat might be the first ones to suffer!

Whenever I’m angry and don’t say anything, I can almost feel my throat vibrating. That’s the sensation of suppressed anger trying to pass through. You don’t need to yell to express anger – there are ways to constructively deal with anger.

Your mouth reflects the state of your self-care – the way you tend for yourself. If it’s often chapped and dry, you might want to pay more attention, both to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Still having doubts about all of this?

Work on yourself for a while. Meditate, tend to your needs, eat nutritious foods.

At the same time, keep a journal. Track all of the emotions and sensations you experience throughout the day.

You’ll soon notice how numbness is replaced with warmth; tightness with freedom; and the feeling of heavy with the unbreakable feeling of being liberated!

Are there any specific body parts where you experience uncomfortable sensations – or even pain – that you haven’t been able to pinpoint to an exact reason?

Please remember that this blog post shouldn’t be taken as professional medical advice, as I’m only sharing my own experience. If you feel like the body symptoms of you or a loved one have been affecting your quality of life for far too long, I strongly encourage you to talk to a trained medical professional.

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