What’s Blocking Your Intuition: 5 Reasons You Can’t Hear Your Gut

Some of the most common messages I get on social media sound like this:

I can’t hear my gut! What’s wrong with me? Is my intuition simply not there?!

First of all – nothing is wrong with you. You’re wonderful.

And second of all, you may be unknowingly blocking your intuition! Yup – this can happen!

That’s why I wanted to talk more about what’s blocking your intuition and tell you more what are the five most common reasons you can’t hear your gut.

But hey, don’t get disappointed now – with just a little bit of work, you’d be able to hear everything your gut has to say!

Bear with me here to learn more about what’s blocking your intuition!

Here’s a question for you.

  • Do you feel confident when making decisions?

  • I used to struggle with doubt every single time I had to make a decision. It didn’t matter how big or small – I’d toss and turn at night, questioning myself until finally falling asleep from exhaustion.

  • It wasn’t until I worked on removing my blockages that I was finally able to feel okay with each decision. I still have my fears but the process is no longer burdening me and clouding my mind.

Imagine yourself doing the same – how effortless it’d all be!

Ready to do that?

Let’s dig a bit deeper under the surface and find out why you can’t hear your intuition as clearly!

1. Your rational mind is too strong

Has this happened to you?

You KNOW you’re right about something but it feels just too wild to be true – and you decide to go with logic and facts instead. It doesn’t take long to realize you’ve made the wrong decision!

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve done the same far too many times. Using the analytical mind only is what we’ve been taught.

If you want your intuition to work, sometimes you’ve got to trust what you feel – and not what you see. Listening to your gut often means believing without seeing. Let go – and trust the Universe to take you on the path where you belong.

2. Your ego gets in the way

Nothing good happens when the ego gets in the driving seat. Your ego may easily block everything on its way - the voice of reason and intuition included.

The thing is, your ego wants you to think you know everything there is to know. It can easily trick you to rely and believe only on what you see - and not on what you feel. (the completely opposite of intuition!)

The ego is loud and demanding and wants you to be scared. That’s why ego-driven people are always closed-minded - they’re simply scared.

Want to win over your ego?

Drown the noise. Ignore everything the mean voice at the back of your mind is telling you. There’s so much more to life than what your ego wants you to think. Open yourself to growth.

Focus on yourself – and find ways to grow as a person. Stop comparing yourself to others. Trust your judgment a bit more. It’s only then that your intuition will be able to rise to the surface.

3. You’re feeling too anxious or depressed

Have you noticed that whenever you’re anxious or depressed there’s always this question at the back of your mind: What do I do?

It’s as if you feel this urge to do something to get better, even though you don’t even know what that something is. That’s just your mind being overwhelmed – and your body having a normal reaction to stress.

If you want to help yourself, slow down. Stress is blocking your intuition and clouding your judgment. Your intuition doesn’t work on demand – you can’t force it and you can’t look for it.

Calm the mind – and intuition will show up by itself.

4. You don’t trust yourself

Do you feel scared each time you have to make a decision?

There isn’t anything coherently bad about fear. After all, fear is what kept our ancestors alive. Unfortunately, fear can be one of the biggest reasons why you can’t hear your gut!

See, the thing is that plenty of people experience fear in the same part of the body where intuition shows up – in the stomach. Naturally, you later doubt – is it fear or is it my gut talking?

One of the best ways to trust yourself more is to build your self-esteem. Encourage yourself each time when you make a good decision. Spend time on your own personal development.

All of that will do wonders for your inner voice!

5. You feel disconnected from yourself

Talking about working on yourself… Do you regularly take the time out to work on yourself?

Everyone has an intuition. But you won’t be able to hear it if you don’t work on connecting with your true self.

Think about your own mind as a beautiful garden – and intuition is a butterfly. It’s very unlikely that a butterfly will ever come to a dark forest full of thorns, isn’t it?

Start by tending to your emotional needs – nurture yourself. Be your own best friend. Meditate and be mindful. Practice living in the present moment.

You’ll soon start noticing just how much more you’re able to rely on your gut.

Are you interested in learning more about how to sharpen your intuition?