Intuitive vs. Rational: Are You Underestimating Your Intuition?

You probably know this all too well:

Something inside you screams this is the wrong idea – or the wrong place, or the wrong person.

You decide to brush it off. There’s no logical reason why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling anyway. Everything is right – and yet, everything feels so, so wrong. You blame your anxiety and move on.

Then right before you know it, bam – turns out that wasn’t fear talking.

That was your gut. And for some reason, you chose to ignore it.

Things like that have happened to me way too often in the past. And that got me thinking – why is that? Why are we so quick to dismiss our intuition?

It took me years to find the answers I was looking for. Let me save you time – and lots of stress and drama.  

Read on as we talk about more about the intuitive vs. rational and what you can do to blend those two worlds together.

Why do people favor the rational?

The answer to this question is simple really: it’s what makes the most sense to everyone.

The rational part of the world can be measured. It can be seen, and touched, and heard. In the world of logic, 2+2 will always equal 4.  

On the other side, you can’t measure intuition – you simply have to trust it. There’s no proof of how you got 4 – there are no twos on sight. The closest you can get to measuring intuition is counting how many times you’ve been right for something.

And for some people, that’s just not enough – which I completely understand.

But the thing is, your intuition is sometimes able to see what logic can’t.

The world isn’t always black and white. 2 plus 2 doesn’t always equal 4 – and that’s where all trouble starts.  

Can you imagine how simple life would be if everything worked the way our logic think it does?

Okay, all of that was probably confusing.

Let’s clear something right away:

I’m not saying dismiss logic altogether – that would be the wrong advice to give!

Instead, I say, embrace your intuition. Use them both – the intuitive and the rational. Blend those two worlds together.

Follow your heart but take your brain with you is the best way to explain it. Trust me, it’ll

save you from a lot of unnecessary drama and heartache in life.

All happy people seem to be doing it – so why shouldn’t you?

How to blend those two words together

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to help you make the most out of the intuitive and the rational.

1. Don’t ignore the small hunches

Your intuition talks to you every day. All you’ve got to do is listen.  

In the beginning, don’t look for any major signs. Observe the way you think and act – and notice anything that stands out in a way.

Recognize the little bursts of intuition – decisions you’re doing without weighing the options too much.

Which exit to take on your way home? Where to eat lunch? What’s that friend of yours doing you haven’t talked to in ages?

Responding and acknowledging all of those small hunches is doing wonders for your gut. It’s like going to the intuition gym. The more you train your intuition, the stronger it’ll get.

2. Become fluent in body language

Our bodies talk – even when we don’t use words.

And I’m not talking only about your body here – everyone’s body is giving out messages. ALL. THE. TIME.

Want to make the best of both worlds? Then become fluent in body language. It’s something you can actually see while tracking how that makes you feel. *win-win for those hard skeptics*

Start with your close circle of friends and acquaintances. Subtly observe. (so you know, you don’t freak people out or anything)  

What do they do with their hands when they’re relaxed? And what do they do with them when they’re talking something that makes them vulnerable? How do they act when mad?

It might take a while to get the hang of it but eventually, you’d be able to understand everything that’s not being said.

3. Accept intuition as part of your intelligence

This is where most people have it wrong:

Intuition isn’t the opposite of rational. Following the gut doesn’t mean you stop using the brain. Actually, that’s the type of belief that stops people from trusting their gut in the first place!  

Don’t assign a bad reputation to intuition. Don’t think of it as a glitch in the system – think of it as your superpower.

Change the way you think about intuition – and change your world. Use intuition and intellect together as tools to shape your ideal life.

Accept intuition as another part of your intelligence. Combine all of your past experience and knowledge with present-day feelings – and you may just become invincible.

4. Find personal ways to measure intuition

If being able to rationally explain intuition to yourself matters that much to you, then find ways to measure it.

Seriously. You don’t have to run scientific studies to prove your intuition works. Personalize the measurements as much as you want!

Let’s say, track how many times your intuition was right about something. Or go to the park and observe people there – what are they going to do next? Or ride the subway – what’s the vibe you’re getting from the person sitting next to you?

Basically, play games with your gut – and don’t be scared to have fun meanwhile! Then, write everything down.  

Measuring how many times you “win” in games like this is going to help you build confidence and start trusting your gut a little bit more. Each time you score, the rational part of you will be convinced that yes, this really is working!

Do you struggle to combine both worlds into one?

I may be able to help you out here – follow the link to grab your copy of my newest book on Amazon, Intuition is Your Superpower! In it, you get to learn how to make the best of both worlds.