6 Warning Signs You’ve Lost Touch with Your Intuition!

Trying to hear your intuition but nothing comes out?

Don’t worry – your intuition is still in there somewhere.

And you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just that sometimes, everyday life creeps in – think the gazillion things you have to do during the day! – and well, that takes its toll.

You’re left clueless and confused – without actually knowing why.

Well, intuition doesn’t really work on demand.

But you know what’s the good part? There’s always a way to bring it back, as long as you know where to start out.

To help you out here, I’ve made a list of some of the less-obvious signs you’ve lost touch with your intuition.

Follow up with me here to learn more – and if you have any questions, you know where to find me!

1. You’re unable to make a decision

Do your insides twist and turn every time you have to make a decision?

I mean, sure, making the right decision isn’t always easy but it shouldn’t paralyze you.

If you catch yourself going over back and forth on the what ifs and the how-tos without coming to an actual conclusion you’re content with, then take that as a sign.

Next time you’re confronted with making a major decision, take a deep breath.

Forget all about those spreadsheets and pros/cons charts you were making. Turn off your brain for a split second – let intuition rise to the surface. Most of the time, you will already have the answer within.

2. You regret decisions often

Since we’re talking decisions anyway…

How many times have you forced yourself to make a decision – only to find out you’ve made the wrong one?

The thing is, everyone has regrets about something in their life.

But if you’re somehow regretting every single choice you’re making lately, there might be something you’re refusing to see.

Chances are, your intuition is probably pointing you at that thing you’re not seeing – you just have to look more carefully.

Struggling to find the missing piece of the puzzle?

Say what you want to do and observe how you feel. Sometimes, no matter how rational a decision seems, it feels like a heavy burden was placed on your shoulders. Take that as your gut literally screaming here that you’re making the wrong choice.

3. You hope others decide for you

I know what you’re thinking now – how does this have to do anything with your gut?

Well, it’s really simple:

Sometimes, especially when going through a rough patch in life, we’d all rather have someone else decide for us. You know, pass on the authority.

For example, you know that guy you’re dating isn’t the one but you can’t really find the courage to break up with him, so you hope he breaks up with you one day.

It takes guts to follow your gut. *see what I did here?*

You won’t always like the choice, it most definitely won’t be an easy one to make… but deep down, you’ll know it’s the right choice for you.

4. You don’t feel anything about anything

Going completely numb doesn’t always mean you’re depressed.

Sometimes, it may mean you’ve just… shut down your whole emotional system. I don’t blame you or anything – you’re probably doing it because you’ve been hurt in the past.

But if you’ve turned off your feelings, you might’ve accidentally turned off your intuition as well.

See, intuition relies heavily on emotions to convey you a message. That’s the way it’s worked for millennials – can you imagine humanity surviving if a caveman didn’t feel scared when a bear was chasing him?

You get my point now.

Let yourself feel – yes, even the bad things. Feelings are a great indicator of whether or not you’re doing the right thing.

5. You’re concerned about the future

How many nights have you spent wide awake, worrying about the future?

Don’t get me wrong – there’s always a tiny part in all of us that’s worrying about tomorrow. That’s natural – it’s basically a survival instinct.

But if you’re practically obsessed about what happens next life, then it may be another one of the major signs you’ve lost touch with your intuition.

Remember: no amount of overthinking can predict the future.

Ultimately, intuition is about learning how to trust yourself. Doing a free fall and knowing you’ll land somewhere safe – even though the how is not clear yet.

Have confidence in yourself – and your abilities. I trust that you’ll always have the confidence to catch yourself, even if you fall – do you?

6. You have to convince yourself everything is fine way too often

Giving yourself the occasional pep talk is all the rage right now.

But if you have lengthy conversations in your head on a daily basis where you have to convince yourself that you are happy, really happy but you feel like crying… then something’s not right.

Happy people don’t tell themselves they’re happy, do they? They are just… happy.

The thing is, we sometimes feel obliged to be happy for reasons society expects us to be – and not for reasons true to us.

Learn from my mistakes. I had it all, when in fact, I had nothing at all.

Your intuition knows when you’re trying to fool yourself – even if you don’t want to admit that just yet.

Don’t waste your time looking for the secret to happiness – find it within. Hear your intuition. Trust me, what you’re looking to find is already there.

Do you notice any of the signs you’ve lost touch with your intuition?

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