Struggling to Meditate? Here’s a Solution!

You keep hearing how awesome meditation is.

You know it’s good for you. And you try to do it – daily.

But somehow… it’s not working out. You’re not feeling it. And your body gets itchy as hell each time you try to sit still.

Sounds familiar?

I know, you want to give up.


But don’t do it just yet. I may have the solution for you. It’s called group meditation classes!

Seriously – they’re a thing! There’s no rule saying that meditation should be done alone – so why not give it a go in a group? They’re probably the best solution for absolute

beginners who struggle with meditation.

Read on to learn the effects of group meditation and how meditating in a larger group can transform your life!  

Here’s what happens when you start meditating in a group.

1. Your motivation increases

Human beings are social beings. What you see is what you do.

When you see others sitting calmly with their eyes closed, you do the same. When you see others showing up every single time, you commit to it as well.

And when you see others working hard to improve the quality of their lives… Well, you suddenly enter into the zone yourself. You’re ready to do whatever it takes – and you’re

motivated to work more and more and more on yourself.

Then right before you know it, meditation is no longer a struggle. It’s become a habit.

2. You connect with others

There’s something very intimate – but very empowering – in each class.

You know how sometimes you visit a place and you feel the energy? Well, the same thing happens in group meditation classes.

You form a special bond with all of the participants – even if you barely know most of them. You share a moment. You’re vibrating on the same frequency.   

It’s as if you can almost see and touch the energy shift. After each class, you’ll notice you’re feeling calmer, happier and more at peace with yourself.

3. You meet others like you

Let’s be honest now:

How many times have you “failed” to mention that you’re into spirituality whenever meeting someone new?   

I’ve done this far too many times. I’m not embarrassed by my spirituality. It’s just that people judge before they get to know the real you – and it takes me a while to get comfortable with strangers.

So for me, being able to spend time with like-minded people is priceless. Being able to passionately talk about what you’re really into is THE most liberating feeling ever!

4. You learn new things

If you’re looking to learn more about everything meditation related, then group meditation is the right place to be.  

Every single time I participate in a group meditation class, I hear something that I didn’t know before.

It may be this new breathing technique to quickly de-stress at work. It may be learning what’s the best yoga mat for you. And even random things, like hearing that a new café has opened up a few blocks away that serves great coffee. *valuable info!*

And if you’re a total beginner, don’t shy away from asking feedback. You’ll soon realize your little meditating community is more than happy to help you with any concerns!  

5. You apply what you’ve learned

If you’re a beginner in the world of meditation, everything looks confusing.  

But after spending a while with people who’ve meditated for years, it all starts to make sense. Meditation is no longer just “something” you need to do in the morning.

Meditation becomes a tool. You start to notice how others are using this tool – and do the same.

You notice you’re calmer all day long. Your intuition becomes razor sharp. And your life starts transforming right in front of your eyes!

Now, that’s something to make you give group meditation classes a try!

Have you ever meditated in a group? What’s the best effect meditation has had on you?  

For me, it was learning how to listen to my gut!

Leave your answers in the comments!