Intuition vs. anxiety: Is something bad REALLY going to happen?

This has happened to me:

It’s just another day – and you’re there, doing your thing. Suddenly, you feel something’s off. Like really, really off.

You can’t put your finger to it – and you start to overthink.

Is something bad going to happen? Are your loved ones okay? Are you going to get hit by a bus on your way home?

Whatever you do, you can’t shake off this feeling. You start to believe your intuition is screaming to you. Damn, what is your gut trying to tell you so hard?   

And then, as you make it home safely, it dawns on you: that wasn’t your gut talking. Nothing bad is going to happen. That’s just anxiety!


But how can you tell the two apart? How do you know whenever you have to listen to your gut – or completely ignore the chatter in your head?

Well, there are some signs you can use to never again let yourself get lost in troublesome thoughts.

Bear with me here to learn the difference between intuition and anxiety and get rid of your irrational thoughts once and for all.

Why do we confuse our gut feeling with anxiety?

Okay, so first things first:

People can confuse the two because honestly, they sound almost identical. You know, they sound the same in your head.

You recognize them as same – well, at least that’s what your rational mind does. But they don’t feel the same.

Notice the keyword there: feel.

You need to look at how that inner voice makes you feel to be able to distinguish between the two.

Intuition never feels scary – there are no feelings of panic coming with it. Intuition is always calm, assertive, and reassuring.

Still not sure how to tell the difference between intuition and anxiety?

It’s a fact:

Anxiety makes it harder to hear your inner voice.

But you can give your inner voice some clarity – even if you’re fighting with anxiety. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Meditate, meditate, meditate!

I know – I’m probably boring you to death with this whole meditation thing. But honestly now – you can’t calm your anxiety nor sharpen your intuition if you don’t meditate.

Don’t worry about how long you manage to meditate – or whether you’re doing it right. Simply sit down, take a few deep breaths and stay in the moment.

If you’re really struggling to meditate, then I encourage you to try practicing mindfulness in other ways. You can try some adult coloring, knitting – or even baking.  

Tip: Can’t calm the mind no matter how hard you try? Journal for a while and get all of the thoughts out of your head. There, meditating should be easier now!

2) Find the pattern

Anxiety usually comes with a pattern.

Something triggers you – and you get upset.

For example, you know how some people get anxious on Sunday – while others get panic attacks before major meetings.

It’s your job to be aware of that pattern. Discover your main triggers – maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s your ex-boyfriend, maybe it’s your mom. Don’t obsess about it – just be aware of your emotional triggers.

Whenever you get drowned in worrying, check – are you sweating over one of your usual triggers? If the answer is yes, you may want to cut your intuition some slack – it’s not talking to you right now!

3) Do a reality check

Intuition isn’t only about the spiritual witchy woo. Intuition also means you’re able to fuse together past experiences & real-life knowledge with present-day emotions.

So, do exactly that – use your rational mind to calm down. Do a reality check.

Ground yourself back to the present moment. Take a deep breath – and look around.

Focus on the present moment. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably somewhere safe.

Talk to someone if you need to – preferably someone you trust. Once you say what you’ve been worrying about out loud, you’ll instantly know whether it’s been real gut talk or another panic attack.

4) Confusion means one thing only

Are you feeling confused after making a big decision? Well, hear this: 99.9% of the time, confusion means only one thing – anxiety.

The thing is, intuition never leaves you questioning – you always know. You’re always at peace with your decision.

Next time a question pops up in your head – followed by a million others – give yourself a break. You’re not getting into any real danger – you’re simply having anxious thoughts.

5) Watch the intensity of what you experience

Have you noticed how loud it gets in your head whenever you’re hit by anxiety? Well, anxiety is loud and pushy and generally unpleasant – it just totally overwhelms you.

On the other hand, intuition is more peaceful, soothing. I always describe intuition like a hug – whenever it talks to me, I get the same warm feeling I get from a hug.

Makes sense, right?

Oh, and intuition is never about the past or the future – it’s always about the present. Right here, and right now.

If you experience any extreme worry about what had been or what is going to come, then that’s not your gut – it’s anxiety trying to play tricks on you!

Are you having trouble telling the difference between anxiety and intuition? How do you deal with that?

Leave me a comment and let me know – I’d love to hear your experience!