Is he the right guy for me?

Is he the right guy for me?

Should I give him another chance? Is he THE one?

Phew – those are some difficult questions you have!

I don’t have the magic formula for you!

But if you’re tired of dating all the wrong people, I can help you find some answers. You need one tool only – your intuition!

Trust me when I say, your gut knows whether you’ll make it or break it with someone in the long run. Actually, your intuition often knows that right from the start – and is screaming you the answer.

You just have to learn how to listen to what it has to say.

Read on to find out is he the right guy for you and what you have to start doing to find out some answers!

Hold on, what does my intuition has to do with guys?


Well, it’s simple really.

Every person gives off energy – your intuition can easily catch up on that energy every time you meet someone new. *such as that cute guy you matched with on Tinder*

You’re not necessarily always aware of that energy on a rational level right away – but your gut is!

Some people call that intuition romantic intuition. You can call it whatever you like – as long as you remember that your gut is not here to serve you only in life-or-death situations.

Your gut is here to serve you daily.

And you may as well use it to navigate the rough waters of dating – and save yourself some valuable time. *and a few heartbreaks along the way*

Knowing how to use your romantic intuition isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

All you’ve got to do is learn how to listen.

So, how do I know if someone’s the right guy for me?

Here are some things to bear on mind the next time you start dating someone new!

1. See if you vibe well

If only I had a dollar for every date I went on that had no real vibe to it. It’s one of those times when the guy’s fine, the restaurant is fine, the food is fine but that’s all it really is – fine.

Love isn’t about having it fine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there should be fireworks on every single date you go on but a spark between the two of you means a lot.

Look for that vibe. See how the conversation is going – and whether you feel comfortable around him. Does it feel like you’re talking to a good friend? Do you vibe well?

Stop wasting your time on people you don’t vibe with. It’s okay to give someone a chance – but if the vibes aren’t good right away, they won’t get any better later on.

2. Listen to your body!

Sometimes, you see someone and BAM – you instantly feel heavy in the chest, no reason whatsoever. How on Earth does that happen, huh?

Well, it’s simple.

First of all, that someone’s not good for you. Secondly, your body knows.

The thing is, the body often knows something long before the mind catches up. Your body can pick up energy – and then send you warning signs.

All you’ve got to do is learn how to listen. You can click here to find out more about how to listen to your body.

Trust me when I say, if someone’s right for you, you’ll feel it – right to the bone.

3. Don’t forget to listen to your mind as well

In some cases, desire may cloud your romantic intuition.

You end up liking someone so much, you want them to be the ONE – when in reality, they’re not even close to being a good match.

The solution? Follow your heart but take your mind with you as well!

Don’t ignore any red flags.

If something’s not making sense don’t justify their behavior by relying too much on your “intuition”. Remember, that’s not even your real intuition in the first place – it’s just your desire!

4. Don’t let your ego get in the way

Are you romanticizing love a bit too much? Do you think there’s only one Prince Charming in the world for you? Are you refusing to settle for anything that’s not perfect?

Yeah… I’ve been there myself. I mean, having some standards set up high is completely okay. I’m not saying you should date people just because.

But if you keep hearing a little voice in your head saying “he’s not the right guy for me – the right guy for me has blue eyes” or “the right guy for me works in a bank”… then that’s not your intuition.

That’s your ego. And your ego is playing tricks on you and your gut.

Drop the ideal from your head. Keep your ego quiet. The right guy for you may not have blue eyes or work in a bank. Even more so, he won’t be perfect – but he’ll still be the right one for you.

5. You know when you know

I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard this a million times – you know when you know. And most often, it comes from people who’ve been married 30+ years!

I know that’s not what you want to hear right now.

However, it may be the truth.

I’m not going to be the one telling you that you can go around looking for love. Sometimes, you have to let love find you.

So, don’t rush into anything. Take things slow. Take care of yourself – work on yourself. Do some travel – see who you are as a person. Improve your own life – before you find someone to share it with.

Trust me when I say, your gut will let you know when you’ve found THE one – that’s for sure.

Do you listen to your intuition? How do you know if someone’s right for you?

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