Feeling Lonely on Your Spiritual Awakening?

Spirituality is great.

Really, it is – you get to find your real purpose. You get to enjoy life as you’ve never had before. You get to be your true self.

But spirituality is often very lonely.

Your family probably supports you – but they don’t really get what’s going on. Your friends think you’ve gone crazy. Your significant other thinks they’ve done something wrong.

And you no longer feel like you belong to this world.

Don’t worry, you’re not a miscast. You just see the world with a different pair of eyes now. I’ve experienced the same – and here’s what you can do if you’re feeling lonely on your spiritual awakening.

Read on to find out how you can embrace the positive change that’s happening to you without having your feelings hurt by a loved one.

As I said, spirituality often feels very lonely.

You’re changing your mindset – and the way you look at everything.

You’re learning to let go of negativity – and accept positivity.

You’re becoming selfish about your positive energy – and you no longer want toxic people near you.

I get it all. I’ve done the same.

It’s just that some things in life, you’ve got to do on your own.

This is a video where I share my experience. You’ll probably relate to it a lot:


Here’s what you can do to feel better:

Keep it to yourself

When I started my journey, I was so mind-blown by everything that I wanted to scream from the top of my lungs to everyone I passed down the street. I didn’t do it to brag – I simply wanted them to experience the feelings I’ve been experiencing.

However, I realized not many share my enthusiasm. Everyone thought I’m crazy. Plenty were not ready to put in all the hard work that came with it. Some were simply not interested.

And that’s okay.

I’m not saying you hide the fact that you’re exploring different aspects of yourself. I’m suggesting you keep it to yourself mostly – and save yourself from the drama.

Don’t justify your reasons

When we talk to other people, we feel the need to be liked, to be accepted.

And pretty often, you don’t feel accepted when you say you’re becoming spiritual.

Instead, you feel judged – and you start explaining yourself to everyone. Giving reasons as to why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I want you to remember this: there’s no need to justify yourself for the decisions you’ve made regarding your life!

Drop the empty talk – don’t waste your precious energy explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing.

So what if they don’t like you? Not everyone has to like you.

Keep your positive energy high

You know how you’ve worked hard to get this amount of positive energy? Well, become selfish about it – and protect it any way you see fit.

The thing is, energy is transmitted between people. And the negative vibes other people give off can easily clutter yours.

Keep the space around you clear – and make no exemptions. Delete friends on social media as you see fit. Don’t become entangled in other people’s drama.

Now, I’d much rather spend time with my cat Leo rather than with people that are not on the same frequency as I am.

Have you been feeling lonely lately? What do you do whenever you feel lonely?

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