4 Valuable Relationship Tips for Single Women

Looking for the right person but you keep bumping into all the wrong ones? Then here are four relationship tips for single women like yourself.

Honestly, the world puts just too much pressure on women to find Mr. Right.

Blame Hollywood for that one. And over-romanticized comedies that teach women their lives are incomplete without a partner.

I know what that feels like and I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re not enough on your own. The relationship tips I’ve included here are supposed to help you realize that your life can be complete, with or without a partner.

Oh, and since we all learn best from our mistakes, I hope to teach you a few things I’ve learned from the past.

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First thing I want you to know:

Stop looking for a soulmate.

There isn’t only ONE right person for you out there. Don’t let Hollywood trick you into thinking there is.

You can’t find your soulmate because your soulmate doesn’t exist.

The only way you can make a relationship work is only if both sides want it to work – that’s it!

Here’s a video where I talk more about it:


Here are some relationship tips to help you enjoy life a bit more until someone worth your time comes over.

1. Don’t obsess about finding a partner

How many times have you gone out for the night hoping you’d cross eyes with your future husband, only to come back home disappointed? I know I’ve done this far too many times.

Instead of obsessing about finding true love, enjoy the night. Enjoy your time being single. Have fun, no matter whether you’re watching Netflix at home or having drinks with the girls.

In fact, no one has ever found love just by looking for it. This one’s a cliché but it’s true – let love find you.

2. Stop waiting for Prince Charming

If you’re waiting for a partner to come around and give your life a meaning, you may be in for a long wait.

Learn how to be happy on your own. Really, you are enough to make yourself happy.

Find a hobby you love doing. Travel for a bit. Look into personal development and build your confidence – try out meditation, yoga and work on becoming the best possible self of yourself.

You’d be surprised just how much more attractive men find you once you do this.

3. Be open to meeting new people

As time goes by in life, people become more and more reluctant to making new acquaintances. I get it – I’m more or less the same.

But the reality is this: you can’t meet anyone new if you keep hanging out with the same closed circle of friends.

This doesn’t mean you should date people you don’t like – or date anyone that comes around the corner.

However, next time when your friend says she’s bringing another friend to a movie date, don’t excuse yourself out of it. Maybe that someone will introduce you to another someone you’ll end up with!

4. Don’t look for perfect

Each person you date will have some flaws – as do you.

I’m not suggesting you spend your life with someone you can’t stand. But maybe you need to forget about that list of requirements you wrote down in the 8th grade

In my experience, it turns out that the “secret” to a healthy relationship is finding someone whose flaws you can tolerate. (and someone who’s willing to tolerate yours)

To protect yourself from ending up with the wrong partner, come up with a couple of traits you’re not willing to negotiate.

For example, I’m not willing to date a person who’s not emphatic enough. But other than that, I’m ready for the Universe to surprise me!

What do you think – what’s the best thing to do when you’re not in a relationship?

Are you single? If not, how did you meet your partner? How do you make it work?

Share with me in the comments and let me know – I’d love to hear from all of you!