5 Common Meditation Difficulties (and How to Fix Them)

I’ll admit it first: getting the hand of meditation wasn’t easy!

That’s why I wanted to talk more about the most common meditation difficulties anyone can experience at any point – beginners especially.

The thing is, at first, the whole experience of just sitting down for a few minutes and doing nothing feels much more overwhelming than anyone ever expects. And that alone is enough to put you off meditation for a while.

However, everything you experience is completely normal. You just need to give yourself a chance to overcome what everyone has at some point experienced.

Read on to find out the most common meditation difficulties I’ve had people share with me. We’ll also discuss what you can do about them & finally begin enjoying meditation the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

Here’s a video where I talk about this:


Problem: Never-ending flow of thoughts

Fix: Let thoughts go

We’ve all been there. You sit down to meditate and your thoughts start racing. They go all the way from childhood trauma to the fact whether you’ve locked your car or not.

Here’s what I want you to remember: it’s your mind’s job to think. It’s your job to stop it from overthinking.

Instead of trying to shush it down, let it go. The more you’re trying to resist thoughts popping up in your head, the more thoughts will pop up. Weird, huh?

Visualize your thoughts as an object – balloons or kites, let’s say – and let them go. You’ll feel the silence almost instantly.

Problem: Body restlessness

Fix: Look for the most comfortable position YOURSELF

Body restlessness happens when your body refuses to comply with your mind. You might get itchy, or thirsty, or find yourself an excuse to get up and do something.

I’ve noticed that the reason why this happens is that plenty of people try to meditate in a position that doesn’t feel natural to them. Try finding whatever works for YOU and you alone.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor. In fact, you might be better lying down or sitting on a chair in the beginning.

Problem: Expectations set too high

Fix: Drop every single expectation

You’ve probably heard and read so many amazing things about meditation that you expect fireworks to happen the minute you close your eyes.

Instead, you get a wandering mind and a restless leg – been there, done that!

I want you to remember that your meditation experience is about you and you alone.

Sometimes, you might be overwhelmed by joy and happiness; other times, you might even feel like you haven’t meditated in the first place.

Don’t waste your energy trying to recreate the feeling someone else has experienced. Instead, relax, let thoughts go and then, see what happens for yourself.

Problem: Negative emotions arising

Fix: Don’t avoid negativity

No one likes suffering. In fact, your mind hates to see you suffering so much, it’s willing to do anything it takes for you not to suffer in the first place. One such thing is pushing down any negativity that you experience during meditation time!

But that’s where problems start in the first place – when we consciously try to bury negativity deep within. That’s how we hide trauma instead of dealing with trauma.

When you meditate, I want you to give your negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings the freedom to move and go wherever they want to go. Let them rise to the surface.

True, you will feel uncomfortable for a few minutes but then, that’s when the real magic happens. You let them go, and you heal, finally!

Problem: Not feeling what you’re “supposed” to feel

Fix: Leave the “supposed” out

I’ve had a large number of people approach me and tell me they don’t experience something their friend/coworker/partner experienced while meditating.

I want you to know something: no two meditations are alike. You won’t ever feel the way your friend did, just the same as they will never feel the way you have.

There isn’t a certain set of emotions you’re supposed to feel – or not feel.

Forcing yourself to experience something that’s not there beats the whole purpose of meditating. Forget what others have told you about meditations and be open to the whole new world of feelings meditation can bring to you.

What are your biggest struggles when you sit down to meditate? How do you tackle the top five most common meditation difficulties?

Share with me in the comments and let me know – I’d love to hear back from you!