Instant Gratification: What’s so Bad About It?

We live in a world where we get everything right here and right now. No one likes to wait for anything anymore – be that pizza, another partner or a webpage to load.

And I know what you’re thinking now: How is it bad if we’re getting what we want right away? What’s so bad about instant gratification anyway?

Well, this: it kind of steals your long-term happiness.

Instant gratification makes you think you can buy happiness. It makes you think money equals happiness. It makes you ungrateful and hungry for more of what you already have.

And I want to help you change that for yourself.

Read on to find out more about why money can’t buy you happiness and what can you do to delay your instant gratification.

In this video here, I talk about why money can’t buy you happiness:


I really did think money would be enough to solve my problems.

Looking back now, that’s probably because I couldn’t afford the lifestyle I wanted. Of course, I wanted a better lifestyle for myself – who doesn’t!

For years on end, I worked hard and achieved things that allowed me to get the financial freedom I’ve always craved for so much.

At one point, I had everything I’ve ever wanted.

I could buy whatever I wanted. I could go wherever I wished. I could do anything I’ve set my mind onto.

And yet, I found myself sitting in a room – more depressed than ever.

At that point, instant gratification has gotten the best of me.

I realized I based my long-term happiness solely on short-term actions.

I realized I wasn’t tending to my inner self, my spirit & my mind.

I realized I was going around looking for peace and happiness – instead of finding it within me.

See, instant gratification is like a weird emotional rollercoaster.

You get high off the rush of getting new things and getting what you want straight away – only to suddenly crash down, more miserable than ever.

Don’t let instant gratification steal the wheel of your life. Take back the control of your own life!

Here’s how you can delay the instant gratification in your life:

Make your values & long-term goals straight

You can’t prioritize what’s important to you if you don’t know your values and long-term goals.

Write down a list of values. These are the things that matter to you and the things that don’t. Add where you’d like to see yourself in the next 5, 10, 15 years and then – act accordingly!

Whenever you’re tempted to dip in the instant gratification pool, remind yourself of your list.

Remember that long-term goals bring much more content than short-term actions you probably don’t even want in the first place.

Think about the end result

All of us have a place where we want to get to at some point in life. And in order to get there, you’ll probably have to fight instant gratification along the way.

There will always be distractions about anything – be it on your way to lose weight, quit smoking, or save more money.

One way to do that is to always remind yourself of the final result. Go back to your values & long-term goals. Think how happy you’d feel once you get where you’ve set off to be.

Most of the time, you’ll realize you don’t even want the thing distracting you!

Don’t buy things you don’t need

If you look around you, you’ll very likely notice a lot of things.

As I said, you can’t buy your happiness. Buying one more pair of shoes (that you won’t even wear more than once!) will give you inner peace for an hour the most. Then, you’ll forget about it – the same as you’ve forgotten other stuff.

Instead, shift your attention to things that matter. Tend to your inner-self, meditate, journal, take long walks in nature.

A 15-minute meditation (that doesn’t cost a thing!) is often more than enough to feel happy throughout the whole day!

Go offline

Have you noticed how social media triggers you in the weirdest ways?

It’s like, you go online on Instagram and bam – all of your insecurities attack you at the same time!

You’re not pretty enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not traveling enough… it’s insane! Ten minutes later you’re feeling miserable without even doing anything!

I say, disconnect and go offline. Connect with people in real life. Get a pet and spend time with them.

Once you go back online, be picky about who you follow on your feed. Don’t follow people who clutter your mind with their virtual presence!

Most of the time, self-care & self-love are free of charge.

And yet, we still don’t do it often enough.

We still allow the world to convince us that we need material possessions to be happy.

We still value more the things we can buy – rather than the things we already own.

But here’s my secret:

Start nurturing your soul, your mind & your spirit.

And trust me, happiness will come right to you.

How do you fight instant gratification? Do you often buy things you don’t need in order to cheer yourself up?

Share with me in the comments and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!