What Happens After a Spiritual Awakening: How Your Life Changes

We keep talking about transforming lives and making the best out of your own life – but do you know what happens next? In what ways does your life actually improve?

Here’s my take on what to expect after a spiritual awakening!

The reason why I wanted to talk to you about this is simple:

I know what it feels like to go around looking for peace - not realizing you already have it inside you.

I know what it feels like to be unhappy with the life you’re living.

I know what it feels like to believe that change isn’t possible.

I’m here to tell you everything you’ve ever imagined is possible – and yes, you can embrace change the same way I’ve embraced it!

Keep reading on to find out how my life evolved & improved – and how I changed & grew as a person after having my own spiritual awakening.

Here’s a video where I talk about the person I was before – and the person I’ve become after.


Here’s what to expect after a spiritual awakening:

You start appreciating the present more

If I’m grateful for something during my spiritual awakening, then that’s learning how to live in the present moment.

Before, I was either stuck replaying a moment from the past, wanting to have that never to happened to me or hoping for the future to come here faster so I’m finally happy.

Constant overthinking was enough to fill me out with anxiety and dread. Naturally, neither of those two happens.

Meditation helped me shift my perspective and made me focus on the present moment. I no longer live rewinding past memories or fast forwarding to the future.

I learned how to be present and mindfully enjoy the moment – and you can do the same. Here’s my guide on how to start meditating.


You become closer to your family

You know how sometimes you don’t appreciate people enough just because they’re always there? It was the same for me and my family.

Once my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I started living in the present more, I realized life’s too short to not let the people you love the most know about it.

Now, my mom, my sister and I have become more tolerant, loving and supportive towards each other – and managed to build a stronger, more caring relationship!

You have more self-confidence

Others can’t give you confidence – it’s one of the things you have to give to yourself.

My spiritual awakening made me more aware and appreciative of my body & mind.

I started loving myself more, nurturing myself more and showering myself with more self-love than I’ve ever done in my entire life.

In return, that boosted my self-confidence and made me more comfortable in my own skin. I love who I am as a person and others love me for who I am as well – both close family & friends and acquaintances have noticed this change!

You stop looking for THE ONE

Before starting my spiritual journey, I was obsessed with finding The One – that one person who’d complete me and make me happy. Thinking about it from now, I probably looked desperate to guys – no wonder they didn’t find me attractive enough!

Then I realized you can’t look for THE ONE. You have to become THE ONE.

I started living & enjoying my life. I’m enjoying the fact that I’m single and I no longer worry whether I’ll ever get married and have kids. I started loving my life just the way it is!

If a guy enters my life, great. If not, I’m doing pretty well on my own anyway!

Oh, and the weirdest thing happened ever since I’ve done that – I’ve become more attractive to men! Men who are emotionally intelligent, smart, and good-looking – because now, we share the same energy!

You become less tolerant to BS

All of the things I’ve said above make you realize life’s too short. That means I’m a lot less tolerant to BS – especially when it comes to dating.

I don’t wait for my Prince Charming now – I don’t wait for the perfect man. I just know what I’m looking for.

I’ve become aware of the certain qualities I’m looking for in a partner – empathy being the biggest one of them. I’m not willing to settle down for anyone who is ego-driven and cannot understand what it feels like walking in my shoes.


You let go of insecurities

Everyone’s insecure about something – and your spiritual awakening will not magically erase any of your insecurities.

However, at one point you learn to accept & let go of whatever’s holding you back. I forced myself to let go of my abandonment issues.

One day, I woke up and realized that the more I’m insecure about being abandoned, the more insecure people (who will eventually abandon me!) I will attract!

This isn’t always easy to do but the more I practice it, the better I become at it.

You let go of expectations

You know how we spend life waiting and expecting something that never comes? Yeah… I don’t do that anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – having a vision board & visualizing is great.

But instead of hoping something – or someone – will make me happy and having a list of expectations, I took back the control over my own life. I no longer have any expectations – about anything really.

I live in the present moment and I allow for the little things that happen to me daily to bring a smile to my face. That enabled me to feel that I’m ready to tackle whatever life throws at me!

You accept negativity

Life can’t always be rainbows & butterflies. The sooner you accept negativity as something that’s part of life, the faster you’ll be able to recover when things go south.

You learn that negative emotions and events are just another part of life. You understand that it’s okay to feel blue from time to time – and that a bad day doesn’t mean you have to go through a bad month.

There are still times now when I’m either sad or depressed but it’s definitely not the same heavy sadness that used to sit on my shoulders!

Accepting negativity & doing a mindset shift will be the most liberating experience you will ever feel!

You start looking forward to the future

Before I started my spiritual journey, I used to believe I’ll spend my whole life feeling miserable. I had nothing to look forward to. On some days, I felt so depressed, I didn’t even want to get up from bed in the morning!

Ever since I learned how to live more mindfully, I’ve become more excited about what the future holds for me! One thing I know for sure – I’ll be content with myself anyway.

I’m now enjoying every single moment of the day – and even the bad days don’t feel as bad now!

What’s stopping you from starting your spiritual journey? Or if you’ve already gone through a spiritual awakening, what other positive changes have you noticed?

Share with me in the comments and let me know, I’d love to hear back from you!