Are You Suffering from the Prince Charming Syndrome?

Are you waiting for the perfect men to come and make your life complete? Do you feel the need to be saved – from your own unhappiness?

Then, you may need to learn what is Prince Charming Syndrome.

Hey, don’t get me wrong – I’ve done the same in the past.

No man was ever good enough to make me happy. No man was ever good enough to rescue me. No man was ever good enough to love me.

That went on for a while – until I realized I need to do all of those things myself first.

Keep reading on to learn more about the prince charming syndrome and how that’s stopping you from having a long-lasting, loving relationship. Oh, we’ll also talk about what you can do about it!

What is the Prince Charming Syndrome – and are you suffering from it?

The Prince Charming syndrome is this belief that there are plenty of Mr. Wrongs and only one Mr. Right for you out there.

That Mr. Right has to be perfect. He will make you & your life complete.

You won’t ever feel unhappy, sad, miserable or incomplete ever again – as long as your Prince Charming is here.

The Prince Charming syndrome also happens when you set up the bar too high and idolize the men you’re dating. You expect them to come and save you – from yourself.

And what happens when you get to know a person just a tiny bit better?

You’re crushed. Because you find out they’re human – just like yourself.

And then – your relationship is doomed, until you find the next Prince Charming.

But hey – I don’t blame you.

We grew up watching Disney movies.

We were taught to patiently wait for our own happily ever after.

We were prepared for this perfect life with the perfect man in the perfect world.

And no one ever said a word about the way real life, the real world & the real relationships work.

Here’s my take on why I don’t want any man to come and save me – and why you shouldn’t as well:


What can you do about the PCS?

Here’s what you can do to get rid of the Prince Charming image in your mind and finally be in a loving, adult relationship with a man well worth your time.

Stop looking for perfect

Everyone’s flawed. You are flawed. I’m flawed. And the guy you’ll be dating next will be flawed too.

If you’re looking for a relationship, be ready that no one ever can be perfect.

Trust me, once you give someone a chance to be themselves, you’ll realize they’re quite alright just the way they are.

Don’t lower your bar – but know what you’re looking for

Not looking for Mr. Right doesn’t mean you should spend time with a lot of Mr. Wrongs.

I’m not saying you should completely ditch any set of criteria you have about dating. I’m just saying… know what you’re looking for.

Make a list of traits that are your non-negotiables when it comes to picking a partner.

But also, make a list of traits you’re willing to compromise on.

Be ready to compromise

You know what makes all the difference between the right and the wrong relationship?

The ability to compromise on the things you don’t agree on.

All of the loving, steady relationships I’ve seen are fairly good at talking things out and finding a mutual ground to build their love further on.

Work on being your own Prince Charming first

Last but not least – be your own Prince Charming.

Once you spend time loving yourself, nurturing yourself and just taking care of yourself, your vibe changes. Seriously.

You start being more confident, more secure in yourself and men find that VERY attractive.

Do you think Prince Harry married Meghan Markle to complete her? To save her from something?


She was already enough on her own. She’s saved herself first.

And trust me, you can and you should do the same.

Do you think that the Prince Charming Syndrome is the reason why your relationships haven’t worked out in the past? Share with me in the comments and let me know – I’d love to discuss this topic further on with you girls! <3