What’s Stopping You From Change?


Are you afraid of change?

I’m not talking about only changing your mindset – but changing your appearance as well.

The thing is, sometimes changing yourself on the inside means changing yourself on the outside too. I know that can be double as scary!

But sometimes, doing a major makeover on your physical self gives you the desire to alter your spiritual self as well. Now, that is both scary & exciting – because a whole lot of opportunities open up that way!

Recently, I did a major change regarding my hairstyle – and I want to inspire you to do the same. Read on to find out what’s stopping you from changing your appearance and what you can do about it!

Here’s a video where you can see my new haircut:


Yes, it took me a while to convince myself this is a good idea!

It’s just that I have had long hair for the past decade. I couldn’t visualize what I would look like if I cut it in half.

Will others like me? Will my mom like it? But more importantly – will I like it myself?

In the end, I realized all of those questions didn’t matter. What matters is me stepping out of my comfort zone – in every possible way.

And I for sure know that is one version of me I always love!

Oh, and if you’re wondering – my haircut turned out to be great!

Do you want to do the same for yourself?

Here are the most common reasons why you are afraid of changing your appearance and what you can do about them!

1. You fear change

I understand that doing a big change on yourself is scary work – especially if you haven’t done it before!

But do you know what’s worse than change? Regretting not making that change. Don’t let the comfort zone hold you hostage for too long. Experiment a bit and have fun until you absolutely love what you see in the mirror.

Try out different clothing styles. Test different hairstyles. Maybe try applying that lipstick you always believed to be too red for you.

I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the final result.

2. You’re not sure whether you’ll like it

Visualizing the way I would look if I made that much-dreaded change was what had been holding me back from doing it. I wasn’t sure whether I’ll like it or not – and whether it’d suit me the way I had imagined.

However, the best part about undergoing some visual changes is that you can easily reverse them. (most of the time though – you can’t do that with tattoos, for example!)

But with hairstyles, hair colors, clothing, and make-up? Easy, peasy, lemon breezy. Hair grows back and you can always buy new clothes.

If you’re still having doubts, I recommend you talk to a professional – a make-up artist, a shopping assistant, a hairdresser. They’ll recommend what may work best for you and suit your lifestyle the most.

3. You feel like it’s just too much work

Undergoing change requires commitment. And that commitment sometimes seems like too much work – too much hassle.

But do you know what’s harder than that? Not doing anything and then being constantly dissatisfied with yourself. Life’s too short for regrets – go on and do it!

If you change your hairstyle, set yourself up for regular trips to the hairdresser. If you’re trying to get fitter, eat your veggies daily & workout. If you want to get that glow on your skin, do sheet masks every night.

Commit yourself to the change – and soon enough, the good feeling will outweigh the hard work.

4. You’re afraid it’s going to cost you a fortune

You don’t have to spend a fortune to change your appearance.

While I still recommend you do major changes with a professional first – cutting your own hair might not be the best idea, just sayin’ – you can still do touch-ups later yourself.

If money is an issue, start small and work your way up. Lose the pressure of doing the makeover all at once.

Set a monthly budget for your change. Let’s say, if you invest in a good moisturizer this month, maybe you can prepare DIY face masks at home and save a few dollars. There are ways to make this change work without paying hundreds of dollars.

5. You think others will judge your new look

No matter what type of change you undergo, you can’t expect everyone to be amazed about it. Some will love it. Others will hate it. And some won’t even notice it.

All of that is okay. You’re not doing it for anyone else. You’re doing it for yourself. Find a reason better than wanting to impress others with your appearance.

Whenever I’m tempted to do something to sway others, I remember that I’m doing it to feel good about myself.

Because Dita Von Teese said it all with this one: You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.

What are you scared of when it comes to changing your appearance? Share with me in the comments and let me know!