7 Things You Can Learn From Your Pet!

Do you love animals?

I love animals myself.

I admire every little thing about them. The sharpness of their intuition. Their persistence in getting what they want. The way they show gratitude & appreciation.

In fact, I believe they can be our healers – if we let them be.

Watch this video to find out how animals can heal you:


Pets enrich our lives in more ways than one. But did you even know there are plenty of different things you can learn from your pet?

People are rarely aware of all the life lessons they can get by simply observing their pets.

Ever since I got Leo, my life has massively improved. He boosts my mood, makes me feel less lonely and reminds me whether I forget what life is really about.

No matter whether you have a pet or you’re thinking about getting yourself one, keep reading on to find out why animals can be our best spiritual healers and how your pet is teaching you valuable lessons about life – in more ways than one.

And here are the things you can learn simply by watching your pet.

1. They don’t get upset about failure

Every animal on the planet can teach you wonderful things about persistence and determination.

Have you ever seen an animal being disappointed about something? I haven’t! Animals adjust to the present situation and do whatever they can to thrive. Yes, without giving up!

When I first got Leo, I couldn’t believe how determined he is to get on a counter he couldn’t reach back then. He wasn’t even slightly bothered by it – he looked at it as a challenge to overcome, not as a problem!

2. They’re always present in the moment

I wish we people were more like animals when it comes to being mindful.

Animals don’t only adjust to the current situation but also, are always completely indulged in whatever task they’re into.

If Leo is watching cars pass by on the window, then he won’t get distracted by anything else. If he eats, he eats. And if he decides to just rest and do nothing, I don’t think he’s doing some overthinking!

3. They are very intuitive

Since animals can’t quite communicate in the same manner as people do, they have to rely on their intuition more.

Their senses are very developed – but I’m amazed by just how much they use their intuition on a daily basis! Having a developed intuition also helps them pick up vibes from other people – know how sometimes pets don’t like someone?

Whenever I’m having a bad day or I’m feeling sad, Leo approaches me and starts to cuddle. If I’m happy and energized, you can see him being playful all around the apartment as well!

It’s wonderful and weird at the same time – and he makes me love him even more because of it!

4. They have a positive mindset

I’m a firm believer that animals have the same emotions as humans do. I do think that they experience happiness or sadness – even if they’re not able to actually express their emotions.

However, I’ve noticed that Leo is very aware of the fact that life’s pretty good. Most of the time, he’s happily playing around or lounging near the window. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him being sad or depressed for no reason.

Even if sometimes he isn’t at his best, I can tell that his feelings of negativity quickly go away.

5. They don’t have a huge ego

Apart from relying on their intuition most of the time, animals can teach you a lot of things about making the voice on the back of your head shut up.

I’m not sure whether Leo has a tiny voice in his head telling him other cats are better than him. However, I can tell you that even if he does, he very much chooses to ignore it.

And he seems pretty happy with that decision too. You can try doing the same – I bet you’ll be at least double as happy.

6. They love unconditionally

While you have other people in your life, your pet only has you. You’re the whole world to them. Imagine how much you mean to them!

Your pet won’t only love you if you play with them or if you feed them – they’ll love you anyway even if you don’t. My heart breaks whenever I see animals & pets that are abandoned by their owners.

Seeing how much Leo loves me and appreciates my presence made me realize that unconditional love does exist.

7. They teach you gratitude

Do you know how little it takes to make Leo happy? He’s overjoyed simply by me sitting right next to him. And he gets super thrilled if I bring him a toy to play with.

See how much they appreciate the little things they get. Take notice as to how they appreciate actions more than words. Watch how grateful they are when you do something small like changing their water.

Life’s all about the little things – and I have a feeling our pets have gotten a better idea of this than us!

Do you have a pet? What’s your pet’s name?

Post a picture of your pet in the comments and show them to me – I’d love to see all of them!