What to Do When Your Mind Wanders During Meditation

Struggling to figure out what to do when your mind wanders during meditation? You’re in the right spot!

I know the feeling, trust me. I’ve sat down to meditate hundreds of times and my mind would just start racing. I’d think about everything really – everyday stuff, embarrassing moments from the past or what I needed to do later that day.

Before you know it, your mind is stuck in a loop of thoughts that is exhausting you, both physically and mentally.

That’s why I decided to help out everyone out there struggling to silence their mind. I’ve written down some of the tips I’ve followed in the past that helped me reach this place today.

Follow me as we take a look at some of the practical tips you can do whenever your mind wanders off during meditation!

Accept both negative & positive thoughts

You’re not doing anything wrong if there are thoughts rummaging your mind during meditation time. The reason why you can’t stop your brain from thinking is simply that that’s not possible – it’s the way your brain works.

Actually, the more you try not to think, the more your thoughts will flood your mind!

However, while you can’t stop thoughts, you can control your thoughts – both the positive and the negative ones.

The first step here is to accept them – just as they are. Here’s a video where I share my experience with accepting thoughts during meditation time.


Journal your thoughts before sitting down to meditate

Maybe the reason why your mind can’t stop racing is that it has too many things to think about! Even random things from your to-do list, like grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning can feel overwhelming when you sit down to meditate.

In this case, make a mental brain dump.

Grab a piece of paper and write down every single thought passing on your mind – no matter how big or small. Don’t filter anything, don’t worry about your handwriting – just write.

Then, sit down and try to meditate again – you’ll notice the difference yourself!

Try something different

One of the possible reasons why your mind is wandering a lot could be the fact that you still haven’t found your meditation “thing”. You know, the right thing.

Experiment a bit with different types of meditation and see what happens. For example, try meditating to a mantra or meditating to binaural beats.

On the other side, if your focus improves while doing something with your hands, try getting the mala beads and counting them with your fingers. That should be enough to keep your mind occupied for a bit.

Be consistent with your routine

The brain is like a muscle – the more you’ll train it, the stronger it’ll get. The goal here is to train your brain to accept the thoughts thus creating that vacuum space in your head where you don’t think about anything.

And how do you train a muscle? By sticking to a training routine! Treat your meditation practice the same as you’d do if you were trying to build the muscle mass on your body.

Don’t expect miracles the first few times you meditate. Eventually, you’ll become better and better at it -- and thoughts will no longer trouble you!

Join a community

By joining a community, you connect with people who go through the same experience as yourself. My experience shows that once you share your struggles, you feel instant relief – even if you haven’t done anything else!

Here’s my Facebook group where you can join me and others like yourself – we only share positive vibes and love, I promise!

Have you been struggling with thoughts during meditation time? What did you do? Share with me in the comments and let me know – I’d love to hear back from you!