14 Everyday Things That Can Increase Your Happiness

Feeling blue today?

You don’t have to spend your whole day in bed. Instead, check out my list of 14 everyday things that can increase your happiness!

I made this list as a remainder for you that life’s all about the little things. Also, the items here are my absolute favorites when it comes to cheering myself up.

Keep reading to find out more!

1. Connect with others

Human beings are social creatures. We crave the connection with other human beings to uplift our mood.

Use every chance you have during the day to connect with others. You can smile at strangers while walking on the street or talk to someone you don’t know on your lunch break.

If you’re not that confident yet, call your friends and schedule a dinner date – I bet they’ll be happy to hang out with you as well!

2. Get yourself a pet

Remember what we said about craving connection? Pets can satisfy that same “connection” craving that you have. I swear that my life is ten times better ever since I’ve gotten Leo!

3. Sing and dance

No one is sad when singing and dancing. You don’t even have to be a good singer/dancer to do. Just blast the volume up each morning and start your day with a smile.

Here’s a small part of my everyday performance.


4. Do a digital detox

When was the last time you’ve spent a day without your phone? If you can’t remember, then it’s time for a digital detox.

Turn off all the phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices in your house – and focus on yourself for a bit. You’ll thank me later.

5. Wake up your creativity

There are thousands of creative activities you can do. All the way from painting and doodling to knitting and doing crafts, it’ll take your mind off your worries.

6. Bake something

Have you ever tried making your own bread? It’s simpler than it sounds and it’s delicious!

If baking isn’t your strongest suit, try cooking yourself something. Skip food delivery and just take the time to cook your own food for the day – it’s very rewarding!

7. Read 10 pages per day

Or more, if you have the desire & the time.

If you aren’t into reading, try giving the 10-page rule a try. On average, this will help you read one book per month – that’s twelve books per year!

8. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show

Most TV shows nowadays don’t last more than the 40-minute mark. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media, spend your lunch break watching something that you love.

9. Go for a walk in the park

If you ask me, there’s nothing that a bit of fresh air won’t be able to fix. And if your park has a body of water – spend time around the water. You’ll instantly feel calmer & more content.

10. Treat yourself

Award yourself a little something – a cup of your favorite coffee, a cookie, a whole afternoon off, a no-alarm day… basically anything you want.

11. Watch the sunrise/sunset from a hill

Pretty much self-explanatory but when was the last time you did this on purpose? It’s absolutely m-a-g-i-c-a-l!

12. Journal your thoughts

Grab a notepad and write down everything that comes on your mind. If you notice any negative thoughts, make the conscious effort to replace them with positive ones!

13. Take a bath

As I said, water makes you calmer – and you can never go wrong with a bath. In fact, you can even treat yourself to one of those bath bombs and see what heaven on Earth looks like!

Take a long shower if you don’t have a tub in your house.

14. Do something out of your routine!

Mixing things up never hurt nobody. Try out that new restaurant you wanted to go to or go to a nearby event that you wouldn’t normally go to. You’d be surprised as to how much this will cheer you up.

Which of these are you going to do TODAY? Share with me in the comments – or send me a picture of you doing your favorite thing that makes you happy! I’d love to see you enjoying yourself!