How to Deal with Friends Who Drain Your Energy

You probably spend a fair amount of time around your friends.

But you know how sometimes you feel lethargic & emotionally exhausted after hanging out with someone? Those are friends who drain your energy – and you don’t need that kind of negativity in life!

See, here’s the thing:

Everyone’s going through something. Everyone has things to worry about. Feeling depressed or anxious is okay – but most of us are constantly putting the effort to feel better.

However, some people simply don’t want to get better. And if you’re not careful, they will drag you down as well by sucking on your energy.

Follow me to discover how I handle situations like that and what you can do to deal with friends who drain your energy.

First, let’s make this clear:

People who drain your energy are called emotional vampires.

They feed off your positive vibes – and in return, fill you out with anxiety and negative emotions. Emotional vampires might hide even in your closest circle of friends – often without you being aware that’s the case!

Those are the friends that are constantly pessimistic about everything but refuse any help when offered.

Friends that avoid meeting up & hanging out – or friends that whenever you meet, drain every single positive molecule in your body!

And there comes a point in your friendship when you realize – it’s not me. It’s them.


Here’s what I do with friends like that:

I give them 6 months to get better or ask for help before I start backing off slightly.

I am aware that this will sound harsh and selfish to some – but it’s not. I’m not leaving them hanging there in difficult times – and I’m definitely not refusing to help.

It’s what tough love looks like – because some people don’t want to get better.

Nothing is ever enough for them. Nothing ever makes them happy. Nothing you do will be able to help them.

And me constantly trying to help in vain drains my energy and hurts me emotionally.

I realized it’s important to back off because I have to take care of myself first – so I can be a good friend to myself & to my other friends as well. Now, I’m not telling you not to be there for your friends!

I’m just saying that you have to know the difference when someone really needs your love & friendship – or they simply want you to feel sorry for them.

Think honestly now:

Are you a being a good friend by feeling sorry for them? Are they your friend for the right reasons?

Or are you being a good friend if you push them to do something that will help them feel better?

The second one makes more sense – and yet is often more judged upon!

My final message to you is this:

Don’t feel bad if you choose to detach from friends who drain you and don’t help you grow.

Real friendship is based on mutual trust, support & understanding – and believe me, there are so many people out there worthy of your time & friendship!

Have you ever had to detach from a friendship where you didn’t feel like you belonged? Do you have emotional vampires in your close circle of friends – and how do you deal with them? Share with me in the comments and let me know – I’d love to hear back from my readers!