7 Reasons to Get Yourself a Pet

Did you know that having a pet is good for your health?

Seriously, it’s good – both for your emotional & physical health.

I long thought about getting a pet but never really acted upon it until recently. That’s how Leo, my cat, entered my life. And did you know that I wasn’t even a cat person before?

It’s just that the moment I laid eyes on him, my intuition kicked in and I knew I’d be taking that little guy home with me.

Best decision EVER.

If I knew that life with a pet can be this awesome, I’d have gotten myself one years ago.

Here’s how my pet improved my life and how a pet can improve yours!

1. Your mental health improves

Think about it – how did you last feel when you were petting someone’s dog? You felt relaxed and happy, right?

That happens because being nearby animals that you like releases endorphins in your body. And endorphins make you happy!

More so, there is a dozen of studies confirming that pets excel in reducing stress, relieving anxiety and making you forget that you even had depression in the first place!

2. You learn how to stay calm at all times

I often take my cat out for walks and that means, his little paws get dirty! I know cats dislike baths and I wasn’t planning on washing him in the first place – cats wash themselves – but he leaves footprints all around my apartment if I don’t!

However, in order to give Leo a bath, I have to be calm – both emotionally and physically. Animals are powerful emotion-detectors and if we’re anxious, they become distressed!

Whenever I have to stay calm because of him, I just… stay calm!

Here’s a video of me washing him in the tub.


3. You become more social

I’d never considered talking to random people in the park before. I mean, what would we even talk about in the first place?

Now, Leo is the star of the show!

He gets the attention of everyone. Complete strangers are approaching me to ask questions about him so we end up chatting and socializing. I’ve met some awesome people only because I’ve taken Leo out for a walk in the park!

4. You’re never lonely

I live alone. Most of the time, that means sleeping on my own, eating on my own and spending plenty of time on your own. You know how the standard drill goes, right?
I never realized how lonely that made me feel until I got Leo. Sure, I’m still on my own – meaning no other people live with me – but moments that felt very lonely in the past are not as bad after Leo came into my life.

It’s almost as if I found myself a new best friend!

5. You become more physically active

Animals don’t like lying in front of the TV every day – it’s not natural to them. Animals like to move!

That means you’ll start moving more as well. Walks around the neighborhood, walk in the park, going up and down the stairs…

And if your pet wants to walk, then you’ve gotta walk with them! Right before you know it, you’ve found an exercise that you love – you’re walking more than 10,000 steps per day and improving your health!

6. Your pain is gone

Did you know that people with pets experience less physical pain compared to the people who don’t? It’s true – pets lower your anxiety and thus lower your pain!

There’s even a study from Loyola University that proved this. Pet owners recovering from surgeries needed less pain management medications than people who didn’t own any pets.

Though you don’t need a surgery to witness this. I’ve noticed that Leo helps my migraines and eases my stomach cramps just by being nearby!

7. Your mood gets massively improved!

This is pretty much self-explanatory but I just couldn’t help saying it again! I’ve had far less bad days since Leo came into my life.

It’s just that you spend so much time playing with pets that you get distracted. You stop overthinking and being pessimistic. You don’t dwell so much on things.

Instead, you laugh about something silly they do or you spend a lot of time outside. (we spend whole days in the park together!) The fresh air and the sun are bound to make you feel better, no matter how you felt back home.

Do you have a pet? How does your pet improve your life? If you don’t, would you consider getting one? Share with me in the comments and let me know – I’d love to hear back from you!