How Meditation Benefits the Mind: Here’s What Happened to ME!

New to meditating and trying to figure out how meditation benefits the mind exactly?

You’re not alone! If you’re a little bit like me, then I completely understand. I did the same before adopting the habit of meditating in the long run.

I simply needed to know that whatever I was doing was going to WORK – because honestly, I got sick & tired of scraping my emotional bottom.

Nodding your head in agreement there?

Well, keep reading on to discover how meditation benefits the mind and to read at what exact moment I realized that meditation actually works! 

Let’s explain a few things about the brain first 😄

Every single second of your day, there are some thoughts running through our heads.
Even if you’re silent and not talking to somebody – you’re still there, talking to yourself.
Even while you’re reading this, there are thoughts rushing through your mind – and some of them aren’t even related to this article! 
It’s so weird – but the mind never stops. 
It’s like a hamster running in its wheel – on and on and on. Until the thinking drains you so much, you’re incapable of doing anything else.

How meditation comes to change the game 🧘‍♀️

While meditating, you’re teaching your mind to just… stop for a second. 
What you’re doing is that you’re basically saying: Hey, it’s okay if you chill for a second here. We’ll be alright even if you drop the hamster wheel run. 
That feeling of peace & quiet in my mind is priceless – and I’m not willing to trade it for anything else! 

BUT – that’s not even the part I am most mind-blown about!
One day, I was walking down the street and realized my mind is CALM and my mind is SILENT – even though I wasn’t actively meditating at the moment!
I’ve managed to train myself to empty my mind and just be present at the moment! 
That was the biggest life change I’ve witnessed since starting to meditate. It’s something that has enabled me to enjoy life more and be more actively present in my day-to-day activities.
And YOU can do the same too!

Watch my full story in the video here:


Here are some questions you guys keep asking me the most once you hear my story!

How often should I meditate? 

I recommend meditating daily. 
If that puts too much pressure on you, try to do it as often as possible. If your schedule is just too full, you can meditate while in the shower or brushing your teeth.

Here’s a video on when is the best time to say your affirmations ->


How long should I meditate for?

This depends on you & your needs.
I’d say, start out with 10-15 minutes and work your way up. What matters more here is consistency – stick to your mindful minutes daily!

I don’t feel the same peace you’re talking about. Am I doing something wrong?

You’re absolutely not doing anything wrong. 
In order for meditations to work, you need to give yourself a bit of time. 
Remember – meditation is like exercise to the brain. You can’t build a six-pack in a day – so you can’t expect to get mental clarity within a day too.

Here are some more videos I’ve done for you on meditating basics. Make sure to check them out for more guidance:

Have you started meditating yet? What are the biggest benefits you’ve been noticing yourself? Leave me a comment and let me know – I’d love to talk to all of you!