How Spirits Communicate with the Living: 7 Common Signs

Do you believe in the dead?

Because I do. And if you’re trying to learn how spirits communicate with the living, then you’re in the right place.

I get it – it sounds crazy to even think that someone from the afterlife is trying to get in touch!

But hear me out on this one:

Spirits are real! Whenever they try to talk to the living, it’s because they’re trying to convey us some message – or maybe offer us their guidance and love. Guardian angels are real too!

So keep reading to find out what my personal experience has been and what signs to look out for to know when the spirits try to communicate with the living.

Here’s what my personal experience has been so far:


For the past year, I’ve been having contact with someone who passed away.

This means a lot to me as I get some much-needed guidance in the moments I need it the most. I’ve also noticed that I feel much more secure & safer ever since I started communicating with the dead.

The important part:

I don’t communicate myself. I communicate via a medium that I’ve been seeing for a year.

The medium I picked isn’t someone who just happened to randomly approach me on social media. The messages she has been giving me feel completely true – she tells me private information that no one else could have known.

I keep going over to her and I thoroughly enjoy my experience.

You can either visit a medium or learn how to communicate with the spirits yourself.

How can you tell if a spirit is trying to communicate?

Here are the signs I’ve noticed whenever a spirit is trying to communicate with me!

You sense their presence

Do you sometimes get the feeling that someone’s watching you? If yes, then you might have a spirit sitting right next to you!

Other times, you may feel like someone’s touching your hair or your shoulders – or it feels like people are moving around you. Don’t be scared, they’re just here to say hello.

Another common thing is to shudder – even if you’re not cold!

Animals can sense them too!

Animals can see and hear more than we do. That means, they often see and hear the things that we don’t. My advice would be to pay special attention to your pets.

I have a cat, Leo.

My cat can sense spirits by noticing the way the energy shifts in the room. His senses are so sharp that whenever I see him doing something out of the ordinary, such as meowing at the wall or at an empty chair, I know something’s up.

If you have a dog, notice if they start barking out of nowhere in the same direction. That might mean someone’s visiting and has something to tell you!

You feel like you have a guardian angel at times

Do you often get overwhelmed by happiness & joy out of nowhere?

Do you feel like you’re born under a lucky star – even when all the odds are against you? Or do you suddenly get guidance on a dilemma that matters and it turns out quite alright – often at the very last minute?

If you answered yes to those questions, someone from the afterlife is probably watching over you closely. Smile and thank them!

You see repeating numbers

I am one of those people who keep seeing the same numbers all over again. If you do too, then someone is trying to tell you something.

The repeating numbers can be any combination, at any time or place. For instance, you may keep seeing 1:11 or 3:33 – each number has a different message for you!

Share with me in the comments if you’d like to find out what all of those numbers mean and I’ll try and make a video of that as well.

You feel a slight breeze – even if you’re inside!

A breeze in a room with closed doors and windows? Yup, that happens – don’t freak out!

The breeze sometimes may feel as if someone touched or brushed against you. Whenever you notice the breeze, know that someone very dear might be trying to hug you or simply say hello.

Another thing I’ve noticed is room temperature changes – especially when you haven’t even touched the thermometer!

You can’t stop thinking about them

Intuition is a powerful thing and spirits know that very well.

On some days, you may feel that no matter what you do, you just can’t shake off the thought of a loved one who had passed away. Watch and listen closely as to what happens during the day and whether you see any signs – someone may be trying to tell you something!

You dream about them

Dreams are one of the most powerful channels through which a spirit can communicate with you!

If you happen to dream of someone more often than not, take notice of what they do and say in the dream. Sometimes, someone might be trying to tell you something or make you pay attention to something you’ve been missing out.

Other times, they might just come to say hello – and those dreams are often the best, as you wake up feeling happy and calm.

Have you communicated with the dead? What has your experience been? Share with me in the comments and tell me your stories – I’d be thrilled to learn how other people communicate with spirits & guardian angels!