Unless we consciously choose to deal with our emotional baggage, we end up carrying it through life.

Don’t worry, I'll help you process it.  

In this guide, you learn to

  • process and shift your emotions,
  • identify your emotional trigger spots,
  • connect with your raw emotions,
  • get confidence with your intuition and so much more.

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Intuition is Your Superpower



It was a winter’s night filled with sounds. As I climbed into bed, I heard the rain pitter-patter on the streets of San Francisco outside. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” had been playing on repeat in my head the whole day and looked set to accompany me to sleep.

When suddenly, the booming became too loud, too near. I woke up and heard footsteps and banging rattling through my paper-thin walls. It was my neighbor. Drunk, again.

Dammit, he was having a party!

“Give him another hour”, I told myself.

What was causing me, a 36-year-old woman, to be this triggered by a neighbor who had no idea he was setting off all kinds of trauma in me? Why did I feel so vulnerable and helpless?


We’re rational creatures – well, at least that’s what we’ve been told. Naturally, when it comes to making decisions, you don’t look at how you really feel about it – you do what your left-brain think is right.

That is, until one day you wake up and realize you’re not happy. Something’s terribly wrong – even though you did everything right.

You have everything you need alright – but none of what you want.

What happened?


What they say



Since I was a teenager, I have battled with not knowing what my life’s purpose is. During my pivotal teenage years my father abandoned my family and he and never turned back. This event shaped my relationships with myself, with men, and how I interact with the World. For decades I woke up dreading the day each and every day. During this time no drugs, no man, and no amount of money could save me.

Although I struggled to find myself, I always had a fascination for understanding human behavior and the human language. In college I studied Sociology for my Bachelors and have a Masters in Information Technology. But, I didn’t understand how they both intersected until I started working in Silicon Valley with software engineers and data scientists. Working in this environment was like an experimental playground and gave me insight into how analytical people perceive things. I was compelled to bridge the data scientist left brain thinking with more right brain emotional intelligence.

In 2015, I officially hit rock bottom. I was in a toxic 5 year relationship and working in Silicon Valley where I felt that all my relationships were transactional and lacked true authenticity. On the flip side, the company I was working for was purchased for one Billion dollars and...YA, I made some nice money. But, during this time where I should have been jumping for joy I was drowning with sorrow and lacked complete optimism in life.

In the thick of my darkness, I felt compelled to research more about happiness and it felt that everywhere I turned I kept bumping into the benefits of practicing Meditation.

It was clear...only me, myself and I...Bernadette Balla, could create my own positive transformation and my own meaning in life.

Now after three years of meditation everyday, I have a new understanding that life isn't black and white, it's grey. There is always a silver lining and a lesson to learn from pain and suffering.

Through my stories and life experiences, I want to empower young adults to find their inner connection and to find their inner self power.

My goal is to help everyone find the balance between:

Selfish vs Selfless

Ego vs Emotion

Silicon vs Spirit

Misunderstood vs Meditation

Confusion vs Consciousness

Money vs Inner Peace

Selfish vs Selfless

Your Guide To Spirituality,

Bernadette Balla, The Modern Soul